Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back to Running and Echo Cardiogram

Stress Test and Running
Since I pasted my stress test, I decided to get back to running and yesterday morning was perfect. The baby needed a nap and a walk through the neighborhood seems to work, so I broke out the baby jogger and off I went.

Run? In My condition?
Yes, I did. It was great. Now mind you I didn't do anything crazy. I ran for 4 and 1/2 minutes, then walked for 2 minutes. I did that for two miles. And yes the baby slept through the entire ride.

How was the Weather?
The temperature was in the low 80's and it was overcast when I started. It was hot. Then the sun came out and it was hotter. Humidity was at about 60%. I had plenty to drink before and drank plenty after. It was a good run.

How did you Feel?
During the run and just at the end of my first minute and a half, my left shin started to hurt. (Hence why I decided to walk.) After less then 30 seconds I felt fine. No other pain. Little aches in my quads since the course was really hilly, but over all I felt pretty good.

So how did you feel the next day?
Oh my gosh! My quads ache, my shoulders ache, my arms ache, and my lower back aches. All this from running and pushing a jogger. It was worth it though.

So whats this about and Echo Cardiogram?
Well, I had my appointment today. It is basically a massive ultra-sound of the heart. I wish I could post pictures. The ultra-sound is a 3D picture of the inside of your heart. They did cross sections from the side, the top, and at different angles. The measured the heart walls, speed of the blood flow, volume of the heart and the amount of blood my heart pumps in a minute. the even looked at the sound waves produced by the heart. The type of sound can indicate leaks in valves and other problems. But in my case everything looked good!

On a side note and kind of bad news, I weigh 204 lbs. I will work on that.


Shiloah Baker said...

Congratulations on doing so well! Keep up the good work!

Teri B. Clark said...

That's one thing they've never done to Keith - an Echo Cardiogram.....