Monday, July 27, 2009

Back On The Bike

The Halloween Ride
Well, my oldest and I (and maybe my wife) are getting ready for a 30 mile ride on October 27th! Yeah! I am excited and so is my oldest. We will keep you posted.

Today's Ride
I almost didn't get to ride. A huge thunderstorm rolled in a dropped a lot of rain. It only lasted about 2 hours, then it cleared right up! My daughter went out first. When she got back I went out. It is not much of a ride. The ride is a one mile loop. Today we did a sprint ride. We ride the loop one time as fast as we can.

What is the course like?
The course starts out with a quarter mile slow climb. Not really enough to mention. Then a for 150 feet it drops back down. Then another slow climb. It ends with fairly steep climb. I was fine until I hit the last climb. My legs were burning! And my gears need to be adjusted. I would drop into a climbing gear then is would jump back to a sprinting gear! Oh that would kill me!

So that is how I am starting!
This week we will do about 9 miles. The one mile road today, Wednesday we will do 3 at a faster pace, then Friday a nice and easy 4. We will slowly build our mileage with an additional mile a week for 6 weeks, then we will add 2.

Now we will need to see how I feel tomorrow.