Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trying Out The Weight Loss Tools

If I Preach It I better Practice It
So I went to the two tools that I mentioned put in my stats. The first said I needed 2650 calories to loose weight for my activity. The second said I needed 2400. So I chaged my activity level and it said I need to eat 2600. Close enough. so I decided to actually stick by both to show everyone that it could be done.

The Hard Part Is Tracking, Not Doing
Okay first hirtle was breakfast. I decided to eat some oat meal and drink a glass of milk. The problem was that the oat meal nutritional facts are listed in grams. The diet plan is listed in oz. Problem number two. the nutritional information tells you the nutritional grams of the food and not their net weight, which I could not find. the second hirtle was lunch. I had a turkey sub sandwhich, backed low fat chips, and a diet soda. I have no idea how much the vegitables weighed nor do I no the same for the meat (I had double Turkey!). I can go online and look at the nurtitional information but so many grams of protien does not match so many oz. of meat. 90% of the weight of turkey meat is actually water. I could however trakc all the calories without too much trouble, and I ate 2710 calories. Good enough to loose weight if I keep it up.

Problems With Dieting
As you eat to loose weight, you need to eat the right proportion of food or not only will you loose fat weight, but you will loose muscle mass too, even if you exercise. Two I went through waves of feelling like I was starving to feeling okay. You can't eat just 3 meals evenly divided and be okay. You need to adjust your meals to 5 evenly divided meals. that also mean adjusting your eating habits and some times your schedule.

Don't Be Afraid To Snack
snacking in cinjunction with what I said above is just fine as long as it is stuff you like and is healthy. Peanutbutter on whole wheat is a great between meal snack. Fruits, carrot sticks, raisens, other dired fruit, and low fat jerkey are all good. I will list more snacks later.

Don't Go Too Long Without Eating
I at Lunch at arround 12:pm. I didn't Eat dinner until 6:00 pm and I felt like I was starving! The problem with this is I ate dinner, my stomach felt fool, but I was still hungery. The reason why is you brain determine hunger based on the sugar levels in your blood. So my food was in my stomach but had not found its way to my blood stream. That is one reason people over eat.

One Reason I Like the Weight Watchers System
With all the problems I had with just one day I can see why people don't calorie count. Weight watchers came up with a way of assigneing points to food based on fat, fiber, and calories. It is simple to use and easy to track. I do not work for Weight Watchers and they are not paying me to say that. My wife was on Weight Watchers about 3 years ago. I did it with her for support and we both lost weight. Between my running and watching what I ate, I lost 30 lbs.

Two Reasons I don't Like the Weight Watchers System
The reason for the Food Pyrmid is becasue you need certain amounts of certain foods. Weight watchers kind of does that with a fiber calculation (ie whole grains and fruit have a lot of fiber and protein does not) but people eat too mcuh sugar and starches and not enough protien. When you exercise carb and protien needs go up. NO FAT, NO FIBER. The weight Watchers System mad no disctinction between men and women, and belive me there is a difference.

A New Program
I would appriciate any input into a new program that is simple AND meats the pyrmid needs. Please email me at

Daily Activity
Do to Rain, time constraints, and other things going on, I mamaged to wlak just over 1 mile at a semi brisk pace. I actually felt tired at the end of the day. so totla for the week, month and year, are 2 miles.

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