Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Nintendo Wii Fit Work Out

How Did I Find Out About The Wii Fit?
My sister-in-law had a friend that got a wii fit. My sister-in-law played the wii fit at this friends house and loved it. Hmmm... now I am interested. After all my sister-in-law is a marathon runner and a triathlete, and she asked for one for Christmas. Couldn't find one though.

A friend of mine and my wife's, got one. She brought it over and played on it with my wife. My wife loved it. I played on it a bit and was intrigued. Well, the friend was going to be busy for the weekend and let us borrow it. Wow! I loved it!

The wii fit games put play into working out. I say play, but you are actually working out. There is yoga, strength exercises, aerobic exercises, and balance exercises. There are balance games like down hill skiing, ski jumping, soccer ball heading, and others. There are ab exercises like hula hoop, aerobic exercises like running. Very amazing and fun.

How Does It Work?
The Wii Fit comes with what is called a board. It looks more like a wide bathroom scale with two spots for your feet and no read out. you place the board and a flat, even floor (because of our carpet, we had to put a piece of plywood down) and stand on it. You put information in like your age, sex, and height, it takes you weight and gives you your body mass index. It even allows you to set weight goals. Based on you age and a balance test, it calculates your fitness age. Balance is key indicator to fitness age. Others including reaction time, cholesterol levels, body fat percentage are also important, but the wii fit bases it estimate on balance. As you go through the different exercises, you get points. You want 30 points each day. As you earn points, you unlock more exercises.

How Did The Family And I Like It?
We loved it! We all have profiles (and when I say all, I even mean my 3 year old.) this is truely fun for the whole family! We all did different work outs, and some games became competitions to see who could score the highest. Too bad we had to return the wii to our friend. So now we are looking and as soon as we find one, we are getting it!


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The Nintendo Wii fit work out excellent. I absolutely love the Wii!! Although it took me quite a while to finally get my hands on this console, it was definitely worth the wait. Wii Fit and Wii Sports have made exercise fun for me; thank you, Nintendo

mikerickin said...

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Sean said...

Well, I need to update this! About a year and a half ago we got the wii fit for Christmas. We have used it so much we have alsmost worn it out.