Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eat Breakfast Every Day!

Why Should I Eat Breakfast
When you sleep, you still burn calories, very few, but you do. You actually burn very little fat though. Instead your body slowly drains the fuel store of glycogen. It take about 8 to 10 hours for this to occur depending on when you ate last. After that is gone, you body starts to look for protein and yes, your body will feed off of itself. It will break down unused muscle tissue.

I Feel Hungry When I Get Up In The Morning
Well, to a certain extent you should. your fuel sources are now pretty much gone, you brain is detecting low sugar levels in your blood and so tell you it is time to eat. SO EAT!

Why Not Skip Breakfast And Burn Fat?
Well, when you have depleted your stores, and you don't eat, your body switches into a semi starvation mode. It stops trying to burn fat and looks for other sources. As I said above, it will go for protein first in the form of unused muscle tissue. Then you go longer with out food and get hungrier. Then lunch comes around, you eat your fill, still fill hungry, and eat more than you actually need. You will feel hungry until your blood sugar rises enough to tell your brain that food is no longer needed. Now you have too much food in your system so it stores it as fat. You didn't burn fat, lost muscle tissue, ate too much, and now have more fat than you did before. That's why you don't skip breakfast.

Well, I Don't Feel Hungry In The Morning
Eat breakfast anyway.

What Should I Eat?
Oatmeal with fruit, cream of wheat, yogurt, cold cereal, eggs (they are not as bad for you as we were made out to think when we were younger), protein shakes, toast with peanut butter (yes peanut butter is actually good for you), fruits, low fat meats like ham or roast beef on an English muffin. the list can go on an on. Avoid food and drinks with sugar, really avoid foods and drinks with High Fructose Corn Syrup like the plague, and avoid high fatty foods such as bacon and sausage.

Eat Breakfast and you feel better and it will be easier to loose weight.


Becky said...

I have to ask, are these actual questions you get asked, or are these conversations you're having in your head? They're pretty funny regardless. How are you guys? How's Lillian?

larsen0966 said...

Yes, these are real people aking me real question. Anyone is welcome to ask a question. Simply email me at getmyfatbuttinshape@gmail.com

Mellissa said...

I agree that you should eat breakfast every day. I just wish I ate good things for breakfast. This morning it was an eclair.

Sean said...

Yes, eating the right stuff, is important!