Saturday, August 15, 2009

Exercise Intensity and Workout Update

What About Walking Slow vs. Walking Fast?
There was a comment to my last post that was relating to intensity and the effect of walking slow was compared to walking fast. So if I run or walk at one pace I will burn more calories than if I did the same exercise for the same amount of time at a slower pace. The amount of calories burned has to do with your age, sex, weight, intensity of your workout, and how long you exercise. Age and sex are less of a determining factor. The type of exercise is also a determining factor. so what I have done is looked through the web and found 2 websites that I like with tools for calculating the number of calories burned for any given activity. Check them out.

Calorie Burn Calculator at
Health Status Calorie burn Estimator at

One More Thing About Intensity
When you do any activity, your body fuels itself based on the intensity. The lower and longer the intensity, the more fat you burn. The higher the intensity the shorter the length of time you will be able to perform and the more sugar you burn. That is why cyclist, triathletes, and marathon runners have to eat during their competition. So run at and easy pace, for a long time and you will burn a lot of fat.

More Bike Riding and Running
My oldest daughter wants to bike to school. In order to do this, we have to find a path that was off major roads. We used a tool for measuring distances, that I mentioned on the web before, and found a path for her. The next morning, we road to her school. What is nice is that it puts her right where the police direct traffic to her school. One way it is 2.5 miles and took 15 minutes at a nice easy pace. So we road 5 miles. for the week that gave me a total of 12 miles on the bike.

Another daughter of mine loves to run. I took her to a park path and we ran 1 mile. She is young so we ran for 2 minutes and walked for 1 minute. She talked the entire time! It was great. Once we finished, she had to show me how fast she could run one loop of the path. Sher is actually pretty fast and very cute!

An Online Store!
I want to start and online store of people who read my blog. What should I put in it? Email me at and let me know what you think. Oh and keep the questions coming!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Bike and How Exercises Compare

How Do Different Exercises Compare?
This is one of the biggest questions I get. I talk a lot about running and someone will say, I want to walk or ride a bike or swim. So if I talk about running a mile, what is the the equivelant of in walking, biking, and swimming? This is not an easy answer and experts disagree. Since triathletes run, bike, and swim; I am going with data from triathlete trainers and experts.

1 mile running = 4 miles biking
1 mile running = 2 miles walking
1 mile running = .5 miles swimming

So this leads to more questions Lets see if I can just give you answers.

Yes! You must walk twice as far a someone would run to get the same benefit even though it takes twice as long. So when people tell me that they walk 2 miles every day and it takes them an hour, they could just run 1 miles in 15 minutes and get the same benefit.

Yes! You should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Even though walking for an hour is a long time and it id good for you, it is really only worth 15 minutes of a regular work out.

Yes! cyclist work out just as hard or even harder than runners when they work out. There is a big difference though. Biking is truly a muscle work out. Look at cyclists and their legs! Now here is what people don't realize, If I bike regularly on flat ground, there is no difference between me riding with as little weight as possible and riding with a 100 lbs pack. It's physics. If you are truly running, there is a point at which both feet are in the air. You literally through your body into the air with each step. If you weigh 200 lbs it take 4 time the energy to do that than someone who weight 100 lbs. That is also physics. When walking, one foot will always be on the ground and half the time, two feet will be.

Yes, professional cyclists have supper ultra light weight bikes. They save those bikes for the mountains, when weight DOES actually matter.

Yes, a half a mile swim is long. but the effect on the bike, is even more so swimming, the entire exercise of swimming is resistance against the limbs you move.

Yes, you can break your work out into different times and still benefit, but studies show you will burn 3/4 the calories as you would if you did them together. So instead of walking for two hours, walk for one hour in the morning and one at night.

It take a lot of consistent energy drain over a period of time in order for your body to think "O crap! I am running out of fuel! I had better start burning Fat!"

My last bike Ride Saturday I decided to ride my bike again. Still having some knee pain (unrelated to running, more to do with being over weight and out of shape and running.) So the week before I ran 2 miles, that would mean I would need to bike 8 miles. I only had one day to do it, so I biked 8 slow miles and it took me 1 hour and 27 seconds. Not bad. It was hot too! 85 degree and 70% humidity! I was wet! After that ride, my legs felt funky, so I took a warm shower, cleaned up, then slowly dropped the temperature until only the cold water was on. Plug the drain and let the water fill the tub. I felt great after it was done. Totally less muscle soreness than I would normally had.

Now this week, I may add some biking and running! I will keep you posted!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back On The Bike

The Halloween Ride
Well, my oldest and I (and maybe my wife) are getting ready for a 30 mile ride on October 27th! Yeah! I am excited and so is my oldest. We will keep you posted.

Today's Ride
I almost didn't get to ride. A huge thunderstorm rolled in a dropped a lot of rain. It only lasted about 2 hours, then it cleared right up! My daughter went out first. When she got back I went out. It is not much of a ride. The ride is a one mile loop. Today we did a sprint ride. We ride the loop one time as fast as we can.

What is the course like?
The course starts out with a quarter mile slow climb. Not really enough to mention. Then a for 150 feet it drops back down. Then another slow climb. It ends with fairly steep climb. I was fine until I hit the last climb. My legs were burning! And my gears need to be adjusted. I would drop into a climbing gear then is would jump back to a sprinting gear! Oh that would kill me!

So that is how I am starting!
This week we will do about 9 miles. The one mile road today, Wednesday we will do 3 at a faster pace, then Friday a nice and easy 4. We will slowly build our mileage with an additional mile a week for 6 weeks, then we will add 2.

Now we will need to see how I feel tomorrow.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back to Running and Echo Cardiogram

Stress Test and Running
Since I pasted my stress test, I decided to get back to running and yesterday morning was perfect. The baby needed a nap and a walk through the neighborhood seems to work, so I broke out the baby jogger and off I went.

Run? In My condition?
Yes, I did. It was great. Now mind you I didn't do anything crazy. I ran for 4 and 1/2 minutes, then walked for 2 minutes. I did that for two miles. And yes the baby slept through the entire ride.

How was the Weather?
The temperature was in the low 80's and it was overcast when I started. It was hot. Then the sun came out and it was hotter. Humidity was at about 60%. I had plenty to drink before and drank plenty after. It was a good run.

How did you Feel?
During the run and just at the end of my first minute and a half, my left shin started to hurt. (Hence why I decided to walk.) After less then 30 seconds I felt fine. No other pain. Little aches in my quads since the course was really hilly, but over all I felt pretty good.

So how did you feel the next day?
Oh my gosh! My quads ache, my shoulders ache, my arms ache, and my lower back aches. All this from running and pushing a jogger. It was worth it though.

So whats this about and Echo Cardiogram?
Well, I had my appointment today. It is basically a massive ultra-sound of the heart. I wish I could post pictures. The ultra-sound is a 3D picture of the inside of your heart. They did cross sections from the side, the top, and at different angles. The measured the heart walls, speed of the blood flow, volume of the heart and the amount of blood my heart pumps in a minute. the even looked at the sound waves produced by the heart. The type of sound can indicate leaks in valves and other problems. But in my case everything looked good!

On a side note and kind of bad news, I weigh 204 lbs. I will work on that.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Determining Your Energy Needs

By Teri Clark

In order to know how many calories to eat per day, you have to determine how much energy you expend in a day and how these are expended based on your body. Most people assume they need to eat more than they do. This, of course, leads to weight gain.

Here’s a three-step process that will help you determine just how many calories you need per day to maintain, lose, or gain weight.

Step 1: Finding Your BMI
Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is an estimate of the amount of stored fat you have on your body. Understanding your BMI will help you determine if you need to lose or gain weight, or if you are healthy at your present weight.

To find your BMI,

BMI = (Weight in pounds/height in inches) x 703

Let’s look at Susan as an example. She weighs 150 pounds and is 5 ft 7 inches (67 inches). Therefore, you would divide 150 by (67 x 67) to get .0334. Then multiply .0334 by 703 to get a BMI of 23.4. In this case, using the chart below, Susan is in the Balance Zone.

Once you’ve determined your own BMI, look at the chart below to help you determine if you need to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain your weight.

Below 18.5 - Underweight
18.5 to 24.9 - Balance Zone
25 to 29.9 - Overweight
30 plus - Obese

Step two: Determining Your Basal Metabolic Rate

The BMI is a good starting point but does not take into account things such as activity level, age, environment, or muscle mass. Based solely on BMI, an athlete in great shape may show as being overweight or obese. That is why it is important to go one step further and determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Your BMR tells how quickly you burn calories while at rest. Your BMR consists of 60 to 75% of the calories you burn each day for basic body functioning. Knowing this number will help you determine your actual calories needs.

To find your BMR:

1. Multiply your weight in pounds by 4.3.

2. Multiply your height in inches by 4.7.

3. Multiply your age in years by 4.7.

4. Add the answers of numbers 1 and 2 together and then subtract the answer of number 3.

5. Now add 655 to the answer of number 4.

Let’s look again at Susan again. Susan is 35 years old, therefore:

Her first number is 150 times 4.3 = 645
Her second number is 67 times 4.7 = 314.9
Her third number is 35 times 4.7 = 164.5

Now we add the first two numbers to get 959.9. Now we subtract the third number to get 795.4. Finally, we add 655 to get 1450.4.

Step Three: Determining Your Activity Level

The last step is to determine your activity level so that you know how many calories you burn per day. This equals the total number of calories you burn per day.

Sedentary - Desk job, little or no exercise. BMR x 1.2
Light Activity - Light exercise in one to three days per week. BMR x 1.375
Moderate Activity - Moderate exercise three to five days per week. BMR x 1.55
Very Active – Exercise six to seven days per week BMR x 1.725
Extreme – Hard endurance training daily BMR x 1.9

Let’s take one last look at Susan. Susan has a desk job but does try to get light exercise a couple of days per week. That means we take her BMR of 1450.4 and multiply it by 1.375 to get 1994.3 calories burned per day.

What Does It All Mean?

Total calories burned per day, in Susan’s case, 1994, is the amount needed to maintain her current weight of 150 pounds. If she needed to gain weight, she would increase her calories intake by 500 calories of healthy food.

If she wanted to lose weight, she would decrease her calorie intake by 250 to 300 calories and increase her exercise to burn 250 more calories per day creating a 500-calorie deficit.

By doing so, Susan would either lose or gain weight at one to two pounds per week.

Teri Clark is he author of "301 Simple Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home Now"
Learn more about Teri through poems, stories, and writing prompts at

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Why Does It Feel So Hot?
Our environment effects the way our body feels in different climates. When our body gets hotter we perspire. The evaporation of our perspiration is what allows our body to cool itself. When the humidity is higher less perspiration can evaporate at at time, so we feel hotter.

Heat Index
When exercising outdoors, you need to pay attention to not only the temperature but the heat index. The ideal heat index for any work out is actually 65 degrees. As it gets warmer, you will need to take in more water. Exercising in temperatures over 90 degrees can be dangerous. Here is a website with a good Heat Index Calculator. The NOAA Heat Index

Heat Stress
The longer you work out in high temperatures, the more stress you put on your body. Make sure to acclimatize to warmer weather. Gradually increase your work outs. Do not to high stress activities. No intervals, sprints, or hard runs. Be aware of your sleep! Sleep deprivation has been a common factor in running related heat deaths in the last few years. At any point, if you feel really hot, and your energy is tanking, stop! Don't push it.

How Much Water?
The common suggestions of the past were "Drink A Lot and Drink Often." Then a study was done on Marathon runners and they found a common heat related injury was drinking too much water. So they asked the elite runners how much they drank and the rule of thumb was "If they were thirsty they drank." Hmm makes sense to me, but how much is enough.

My Formula
I can't actually take credit for this. I have read this in several running magazines and on the web. I weigh myself before I run. I take tons of water with me when I run. As I get hot and thirsty I drink. Some times I feel like I drink every few seconds, some times it is every few minutes, but when it is hot I drink. I never do anything longer than 45 minutes in hot weather. I normally go for only 30. Then when I am done, I weigh myself again. Normally I weigh less. They weight loss is water loss. So lets say I weighed 180 (I wish). Lets say the temperature was 85 degrees. I drank 1.5 liters of water in 30 minutes, and when I got back I weighed 179 lbs. 1 liter of water weighs 2.2 pounds. So I drank about 3.3 lbs of water and lost 2 more sweating. So I drink on more liter. That means that at 85 degrees I lost 2.5 liters of water in 30 minutes. As it gets cooler, I will loose less water and as it gets warmer I will loose more. That gives me a guide as to how much water I will need. I do this for every run in temperatures above 80 degrees.

Let me know if this is post has been helpful and post a comment or email me at Also let me know if what I have said makes sense. If I need to improve or clarify the information, let me know.

What Do You Want To Know?
What kind of posts you would like to read. What interests you and how can I help you? Post a comment or email me at

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is CRAZY!

The Start of a Bad Week
In 4 days it will be the 1 year anniversary of my car accident. Monday, I started to feel sick. Scratch throat, head ache, body aches, and a fever. I felt terrible! Monday night a friend (and first counselor) and his wife came by. He gave me a blessing. Tuesday came along, and now three daughters and my wife are sick. My wife takes the girls to the doctor and I go to my own. The girls test positive for strep. I take the same test, but I don't test positive for strep, the doctor decides that if it looks like strep and acts like strep then it is strep. Everyone gets some antibiotics and we take the rest of the day off.

My Sister-In-Law
My sister-in-law came up to visit with here son and twins. Well, the kids got strep too. So it is now 2 adults and 5 kids with strep. My oldest daughter and my sister-in-law become the care givers. I felt bad that we gave her kids strep.

Everyone seems to be getting better, except me. I feel worse. I stayed in bed most of the day. I even stayed home from church. Sorry I missed the Court of Honor Jesse! That night we all go to my mother-in-laws for dinner. I still feel really bad. I take some Motrin and try and relax. We had Tacos for dinner. I start feeling what seemed to be indigestion and take some Tums. We all play some games, and since the kids are now out of school, we stay up late. We finally go home around 12:30am. We put the kids to bed and my wife and I go right to sleep.

Then It Happened
About 1:00am I wake up and the feeling is back, this time it feels more like pressure than indigestion. I take my medication and go back to bed. Well, around 3:00am I wake up again and it is worse! Now it is more like a "Oh my gosh! I cracked my sternum" kind of pain! I lay there for about and hour and then I get my wife up and go to the ER.

I Had A Heart Attack
At the ER my EKG looked fine, but I responded to Nitroglycerin and my blood test say that I had a mild heart attack. Once I am stabilized, I get a room. My wife is freaking out. Not on the outside. She is a pillar of being calm and cool under pressure, but she is just tore up. She makes me promise to giver her at least a 45 year notice before I die. I make her that promise.

The Procedure And Tests
The next day I am transfer ed to another hospital that has a special Cardiology Lab and the to a Catheterization to see what they can find. Also, If they find anything, they can take care of it. They find nothing. They do a chest x-ray and find out I am recovering from pneumonia. What!? Pneumonia? They to a chest CT scan and it looks just fine. They do an ultrasound of my heart and It is just fine. They do an electrocardiogram and it is just fine. They did and other test (I can't remember what it is, I call it the bubble test, because they run small bubbles through the hear to test to see if there are any wholes in the walls of the heart or between chambers.) That test is just fine too.

The Risk Factors
I don't drink or smoke. My cholesterol was 200. It should be bellow that, but is not a big problem. I am a little over weight still, but I am loosing weight. I do exercise a little, but Ia m gradually increasing what I am able to do. I am only 42. There is nothing that a doctor would see and say, "Hey you need to change now or you will have a heart attack in the next few days." but that is what actually happened.

I am now at home on bed rest. I feel tired and take twice as many pills. Now I carry Nitro pills, just in case of another heart attack. I will be setting an appointment with my Cardiologist tomorrow and see about getting into a recovery exercise program and now no fat or salt. An entire new diet.

Thank You!
Thank you to all my friends and family for all the support you have given me, my, wife and my family. Everyone stay in touch and post a comment. It looks like I now have more to blog about.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I AM RUNNING AGAIN! - Sort of....

I finally did it! A non-stop run!
I had started out with what is called wogging. I would jog for 2 minutes then walk for two minutes. I progressed to a 4 minute jog and a 2 minute walk, then 6 and 2. Now I ran non stop! I am a little sore today, BUT I LOVE IT! How far? How fast? What was the terrain like? I ran 1 WHOLE MILE! whoo! It took me 14 minutes and 58 seconds! The terrain was a slow up hill for a quarter of a mile, then a slow down hill for almost a half a mile, then a huge climb for just under a quarter of a mile, with a small 100 yard descent to the finish line. The temperature was 75 degrees.

A Confession
Alright. I admit it. I actually never use the word "jogging" in relation to myself. Why, because as long as I can remember, I have been a runner. When I would go out an "run", rarely would I be going at a pace that would allow me to hold a reasonable conversation. Just a few short sentences and lost of breathing in between. As you can see from the achievement above, I was not running but jogging. In the future, if you read something about running, don't think to yourself "Oh my gosh! I can't run that! but I could jog that though", keep in mind I mean jogging too.

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Now I need to get back and get my fat butt in shape!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Healthy Snack That Can Help You Loose Weight!

First On A Personal Note...
You will notice that I now have a profile picture. And here it is. Yes, it is a cow. So you may ask, "What is up with the Cow?!" Well, the last race a ran before my accident was in Pittsboro, NC. The temperature was 19 degrees Fahrenheit. It was cold. I ran it in 22:19 and I took second place in my age group, just behind a 60 year old man from England, that holds the worlds record for the fastest 5k in the 60-65 year old age group. But that is another story. Anyway, aside from a nice glass trophy, I won this cow. This cow has sat on my night stand ever since. But NO MORE!

The Running Cow
From now on this cow will go with me to every race and I will carry the cow from start to finish. This will become my symbol! The Running Cow!

Now, Healthy Snack That Can Help You Loose Weight!
My wife and I find we have the munchies late at night while we watch movies. While she is at work she has the munchies. While I am doing taxes, I have the munchies. So we have been looking all over for snacks that are healthy and in many cases actually help you loose weight. A couple of these are less of snack and more of good eating habits that can help reduce the munchies. I hope you enjoy them.

Stop Drinking Soda! Even Diet Soda!
If you drink a soda everyday, lets say a 20 oz. soda, you drink in an average of 350 calories. That's 127,750 calories a year. Cut out that soda a day (and don't replace it with anything but water) and it would be like not eating food for 42 days. Imagine how much weigh you could loose of just that! So what is up with diet sodas? Research is still out, but current findings show that diet sodas actually cause you to crave more sugary foods? Ever see the person drinking a diet soda then eating a candy bar also? There you go.

Drink More Water
In many studies of athletes, it was found that when the athlete got the munchies, the person was actually thirsty. Simply increasing the amount of water they drank, reduced the urge to snack. It was then tested on regular people. Regular people cut the urge twice as much as athletes. (I hope I didn't offend any athletes by referring to non athletes as regular people. I just could not think of a non offensive way to refer to us couch potatoes.)

Eat A Fruit And A Vegetable With Each Meal
Now when I say vegetable, I mean a real vegetable. Sorry, chocolate is not a vegetable. Neither is that frozen or canned broccoli and cheese meal. I mean and Actual vegetable like steamed broccoli. 1 cup will do just fine. And when I say fruit, I mean an apple and not canned or dried fruit soaked in sugar.

Great Snacks By Themselves
Eat a Banana, an apple, a pear, fresh cut (not ever from a can) pineapple, a carrot, 5-6 baby carrots, tomato slices with salt, 6-8 cherry tomatoes, avocado slices, and celery. Eat those when you get the munchies. Don't for get a 1/2 cup of Berries. Blue Berries, black berries, and raspberries are great. Just don't add sugar!

3/4 of a Cup of Plain or Vanilla Yogurt Topped With Fruit
Studies have shown that women in particular are more likely to loose weight when they eat a yogurt for breakfast. My wife an I find it makes a great movie snack and it also reduces are munchies craving.

Chunky Salsa
Just pour a cup into a bowl and eat it with a spoon. After all, salsa is nothing more than tasty vegetable. Watch for salsa with added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Also, no chips though or this snack will back fire.

You can either use vanilla protein powder or yogurt as the base and these are great! I love them! If you make them right they can fill you up and quench that thirst!

Cereal Bars or Granola Bars
Look for the kind that are low in sugar (less than 8grams) and have 140 calories or less. These are high in fiber and tend to be high in protein.

The air popped, no butter or other fat added. I have not been able to find any microwave popcorn that was healthy, if it is low in fat, they actually add high fructose corn syrup. Can you believe that? I have found many good brands that come in a bag. You'll find them next to the chips. Speaking of sugar on popcorn, caramel popcorn or Cracker Jacks don't count either.

So You Can Snack!
Eat the above items, and it can help reduce your munchies, and help you loose weight. Many of these munchies you can eat to your hearts content and stay healthy.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Get Your Rear In Gear 5k - Lots of Fun!

We Had An Early Start
It all started at 5:00 am. My wife and I got out of bed, showered and got dressed. While she showered I fed the kids, and helped them get dressed. My Eldest had to dress of her first Soccer game that would be just after the race. We had hoped to be on the road by 6:00am. We picked up my mother-in-law at 6:10am so not too bad. We didn't preregister and we wanted t-shirts, so we wanted to be one of the first one there. We made it just as they opened and got out t-shirts.

What A Lot Of Booths
I was surprised at how many booths there were. All kinds of health information booths, a booth for a gym, a day spa, and a massage place. I had to get a back massage. It was great. The race had plenty of food, water, snacks, and soda (not too healthy, but very nice), and face painting for the kids.

Inaugural Run
Since this was the first race, I didn't expect more than 100 runners. I believe they did well pas that. This event turned out to be really big! Having organized a 5k race to raise money for boy scouts, I was very impressed. Lots of volunteers, well organized, and a friendly atmosphere. My race had live music and theirs had a DJ.

The Weather Was Great!
You could not ask for better weather. I thought an 8:30 start time would be too early, but the temperature that time of the morning was perfect. I believe it was between 65 and 69 degrees. Sunny, no wind, no rain, and it was not humid. Only 60% humidity that day.

Who Was There?
Several people we expected were not able to come. All from illness. It is cold and allergy season around here and that is what kept them home. So there were 3 actually runners for our team. My wife, mother-in-law, and our friend Rayna.

Jogging For Georgia
Our team was running for our dear from Georgia Cloutier and we were running in memory of two of our dear friends that recently passed away from cancer, Karen Larsen and Marti Linford.

What About You?
Did I run? No. My wife and I have this deal worked out, I run, she watches the kids. She runs, I watch the kids. This race happened to be her turn to run, so I watched the kids. I still had fun and so did the girls.

The Kids Fun Run
I expected the fun run to be a mile. Only two of my kids wnated to run it. One of which was my 3 year old. She was a little young and small to be running a mile, so we didn't register her. Well, we go to the kids fun run finish line on a soccer filed for the start. That should have been a sign that it wasn't going to be as long as expected. They waled the kids down the field and had them run back. Each kid got a medal. My daughter that ran loved it. If I had know how long it was going to be, I would have registered my 3 year old.

The 5k Course
Of course it is in Hilly Raleigh, North Carolina. So the course was hilly. Though it was hillier than what my wife and mother-in-law expected, they really enjoyed it.

The Times
The winner of the race finished in 19:27. For a high attending 5k race, that is a slow time, but it shows the hills were a factor. My wife and her mom had hoped to finish in under 45 minutes. They finsihed in 49:48. Considering the course they did great. Oh, I must through in that my wife had the baby in a ouch and was carrying her. My wife did great!

The Age Groups
Except for the first 2 age groups, they were grouped by 10 year increments. The first two were 14 or younger, 15-19, 20 to 29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-99. I understand with smaller races why they would do age group like this. But this was a big race! I actually prefer races that do age groups by 5 years. This gives more people an opportunity to win and in my opinon is more fair. Since I have been both, there is a big difference bewteen 20 year old and a 29 year old.

Over All!
Over all the Get Your Rear In Gear 5k was a great race. If they do it again next year, we will probably be there.

Whats Next!
The Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston South Carolina! See you there!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Best Advice Ever - Stop Whining and Do It

Top 10 Lists
It seems that every magazine has a top 10 list of what ever. I recently received an e-newsletter with a top 10 list of things to improve my running. Number 8 was the most intriguing. It was Stop Whining and Do it.

Why We Whine
First we have problem and sometimes these problems, though are actually small, at the time seem insurmountable and we need support. So we whine. Sometimes we whine out of frustration. Sometimes we loose our ability to see that everyone has problems and we whine about the grass being greener on the other side. It may be that we can't see the other persons perspective and can only see our own, so when things don't go our way, we whine. This list could go on and on.

Whining About Our Weight and Health
I hear a lot of people whine about their weight, their health, and their inability to do certain things because of their health. These people whine for many of the reasons I have listed above and it is always accompanied with a reason or frustration. "I just don't have time to exercise." "There is no way anyone could live off that little amount of food." "So and so looses weight so easily, why can't I?" All of these complaints focus on an external condition, and not on the whiner.

Be Proactive
Being proactive means to first recognize that we have more control over our situation than we dare admit, even to ourselves. Second, it means to recognize that our response to uncontrollable circumstances is just as important as the circumstance itself.

Where Is The Time
All of us have busy schedules. Work, kids, cleaning house, school, church, and the list can go on and on. The things we do take time for are the things we have decided are important. you may say "No, I go to work because I have to." That is not true, and to say that is to be reactive not proactive. What you should say is "I have a choice of weather or not I go to work. I have decided the rewards for going to work are worth more than the consequences of NOT going to work." It is the same with everything we do in life.

Make Time to Get Fit
When I look at my schedule, and then compare it with what I actually did, there is a lot of down time where I watch TV of spend too long on the computer. I have chosen to cut some of that time out and I walk and run. you don't have to do it all at once either. Do at least 30 minutes of a fitness activity a day and you will see the change.

Wanting To Look Good Is Not Enough
The hardest things to do are those we have very little motivation to do. For example, it would be very hard to go to work, if they quit paying you. Simply loosing weight so that you will look good is very hard for this reason. Unless your are a supermodel or a professional athlete, no one will pay you to loose weight or stop paying you if you don't. It has to be more than that.

Body Image Problems
People who loose weight to look better often don't keep the weight off. On reason is that don't end up with that perfect body when the weight is gone. People who are healthy and loose weight and keep it off, do not have body image problems. As soon as you are happy with yourself, regardless of what you look like (even if you are really over weight) the easier it will be to accomplish anything.

I Can Do It Now
Be proactive and start a fitness and nutrition program today. You will feel better and be healthier than you ever imagined.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 Is Exactly What I need

Finally An Innovative Blogger Site That Can Get Your Blog Visits
I was actually thinking about this the other day. Each blog is like a feature article in a news paper. Then I thought how great it would be to have a site or tool that would link you blog with others to form an entire blog news paper. Well someone beat me to it and did it very well. is a collection of blogs with some really great bloggers. rssHuuger has assembled in one place, called, all the blogs to bring bloggers and readers together.

My Blog
I believe in my blog and feel what I have to offer is important and I work had to provide good contant and to promote my blog. If you have a great blog you do the same. If you don’t, it will sit on the web with millions of others that don’t get attention and don’t get readers.

A Unique Way To Promote Your Blog
rssHugger provides blog owners a unique way to promote their blog because it helps readers to find the information they are interested in easily and quickly. The subjects have a broad range. Type in any subject and will show you the best blogs dedicated to that subject.

Sending Traffic To Your Blog sends traffic to your blog and builds backlinks. Search engines use the number of backlinks, and the quality of the backlinks, pointing to your site to determine whether your blog is viewed as important by the general population of readers. Generally, the more backlinks you have, the better your blog ranks — especially if those backlinks are from authority sites related to your site.

Right To The Computer Of The Readers
One of the other benefits of is that rssHugger puts your blog in front of many readers. If your blog is interesting, those readers will “subscribe” to your site by clicking on your RSS icon. Then, the readers will receive your blog posts automatically.

Take A Look
Go visit and see what you think. You will find provides a wonderful list of blogs on just about any subject you are interest in. If you are a blog owner, you need to be on their list.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Run Fat Boy Run

Looking For Motivation
I am always looking for good motivation to help me get my fat butt in shape. When I find this motivation I will share it. Some times I will share it even if I don't like it.

The Movie "Run Fat Boy Run"
While doing a search on NetFlix, I found the move "Run Fat Boy Run". It looked good and it sounded motivational so I got it.

Basic Movie Information
"Run Fat Boy Run" is a British romantic comedy directed by David Schwimmer, written by Michael Ian Black and Simon Pegg, and starring Pegg, Dylan Moran, Thandie Newton, Harish Patel, India de Beaufort and Hank Azaria. This film is rated PG-13 for mild language and semi nudity and (for lack of a better way to describe it) potty humor.

Dennis is distressed about getting married and leaves his pregnant fiancee at the alter. Dennis' life is down hill from there. He never finishes anything and has an excuse for everything. 5 years later Dennis is a security guard at a women's clothing store, is late and behind on his rent, and a failure of a father to his now 5 year old son. Dennis especially becomes distressed when his ex-wife gets a new boy friend. The boy friend is a successful American business man, good looking, and runs marathons for charity. Dennis has a plan to get his ex-wife back. He too is going to run a marathon. He enlists that help of his good friend Gordon (who is also his ex-wife's cousin) and his landlord, to help him get in shape. He even proposes his ideas to his ex-wife who is less than thrilled. This puts Dennis into a tail spin and quits the idea of running. Running this marathon becomes a metifor for Dennis' life. He has quite everything he starts. No Dennis' son runs away from home. This is a wake call for Dennis who decides to finish he training and run the marathon in hopes of turning his life around.

Does he finish? Does he get the girl? What about then new boy friend?

What did I think?
Simon Pegg is a hilarious and skilled actor. I was laughing through most of the movie and I especially like the ending. I saw way to many men's butt. Evey movie I seem to see with Hank Azaria (the new boyfriend) he has to have a seen where he is without any cloths. This movie is no different.

Monday, February 23, 2009

40 lb Weight Loss Story

Dear Fat Butt,

Although it took me over a year to do it, I lost 40 pounds, first by following a Weight Watchers type regimen and then following the American Heart Association guidelines, which happen to correspond very nicely with WW.

The biggest helps?

1. Watching my fat intake was a biggie. Fat lurks everywhere. The point system for WW helped me to see how much of my daily allotment was going to be taken up by a fatty choice versus a low fat choice.

2. I didn't put anything on the "never" list. Knowing that I could make choices made the whole process a lot easier.

3. I learned what a portion truly was. I think most Americans would be shocked to realize how many helpings they are truly eating!!! For instance, did you know that a serving of ice cream is 1/2 cup? Let me tell you, that is an awfully small serving when put into a typical bowl! Which is why I started using little dessert cups for my snacks and medium sized plates for my meals. The mind is a wonderful thing to deceive!

I have now hit that deadly plateau and my eating modification simply won't take off the last 30. So....I will have to start exercising, which for me, is a four letter word. I'll keep reading your blog and hope to get inspired!


Teri B. Clark
Professional Writer and Published Author
Your Key to Writing Success

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sports Humor - Lance Armstrong and his Bike, The Contest, and The President's Day Freedom Run

Okay, I am a Lance Armstrong Fan. I also follow him on twitter. He posted this picture about an hour ago and I thought it was funny. Here it is.

The Winner of the Contest
As soon as I get the Pedometer in I will post the winner of the contest, what the answer was, and what my weight actually was. What was the contest? Check that out here.

The President's Day Freedom Run
This is the 5th year this 5k has been done. I founded the race in 2005 to support my boy Scout troop and it has been such a great success.

What a great race. It was my first race in a long time and since my accident. I wogged my way through without too many glitches. By the way, wogging is a combination of walking and jogging. I walked for 2 minutes and ran for two minutes, alternating back and forth. I felt great!

The weather report was for rain that morning and then clear the rest of the day. It was cold and cloudy and it started to drizzle at the beginning of the race, but it turn out to be perfect. I sure hope that did not keep people away.

I was pushing a "Bob". It is a really nice and fancy baby or kid jogger that I borrowed from my Brother-in-law. My "almost 4 year old" was riding. Not to hard of a push and going down hill it was easy to control. At the 1.5 mile mark she started crying and screaming about wanting to go home. I stopped and asked her what was wrong and she said she had to go potty. AHHHH! We found some bushes and took care of business. that took about 3 to 4 minutes. Everything else was fine. I finished in about 45 minutes.

There was a kids fun run. That was great! there are some serious kid runners out there.

Oh! Of course we had our live band again. That is such a bonus! Normally you have to wait about 30 minutes from the time the last person crosses the finish line before you get final time and the band makes that time enjoyable! I can not thank them enough for their playing.

Overall, this race is great! Everyone should run this one. We had 120 runners and 26 kids in the fun run. Lost of age group awards and plenty of prizes for both the kids and the runners!

The Next Race!
Next is the "Get your Rear In Gear" 5k. I mentioned it in a previous post, so check that out here. Since I ran the President's Day Freedom Run, my wife is going to run this one while I keep the kids. that will give me time to video and take pictures. Join Our team and See you there!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some New Ideas And Race Updates

A New Way To Refer To Walking And Jogging
Okay, I can not take credit for this. A friend of mine (Rinning Mooses) came up with a name for Walking and Jogging. It's Called "Wogging"! I love it. In my posts, I will use it. For those of you whop are "jogging" adverse and insist on using running and not jogging, well use woggin in reference to the comnination anyway.

The 5th Annual President's Day Freedom Run,
This has turned out o be a wonderful event. As a BSA Scout Master, I started this race as a fundraiser for the scout troop and to pay for Summer Camp. Since then the Cub Scout Pack has become involved, there is a new Scout Master, andthis event has really grown. We have been on TV every year and I love it. Please register for the race and join us! It is always the first Saturday before President's Day, that makes it February 14th. Registration starts at 8:00 am and the race starts at 10:00 am. Check it out at President's Day Freedom Run

Get Your Rear In Gear
I talked to theTeam leader ad so foar only 3 people have signed up for the race. Pleas sign up and support the team. This 5k is going to be March 7th. Check it out at get your rear in gear

Do You Have A Question?
If you have a question, feel free to email me at and I will answer. If your question is a good one, I will post it to the blogg. Tell Me Your Story!
Many people have told me ho they have changed their activities, their diet, started a running program, started a weight loss program, lost weight, or have just plain were inspired. Please share your stories and email them to

Thanks! Keep Walking, wogging, and running. Most importantly don't forget to do your 10,000 steps each day!

Next Post - The Winner of the Contest!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eat Breakfast Every Day!

Why Should I Eat Breakfast
When you sleep, you still burn calories, very few, but you do. You actually burn very little fat though. Instead your body slowly drains the fuel store of glycogen. It take about 8 to 10 hours for this to occur depending on when you ate last. After that is gone, you body starts to look for protein and yes, your body will feed off of itself. It will break down unused muscle tissue.

I Feel Hungry When I Get Up In The Morning
Well, to a certain extent you should. your fuel sources are now pretty much gone, you brain is detecting low sugar levels in your blood and so tell you it is time to eat. SO EAT!

Why Not Skip Breakfast And Burn Fat?
Well, when you have depleted your stores, and you don't eat, your body switches into a semi starvation mode. It stops trying to burn fat and looks for other sources. As I said above, it will go for protein first in the form of unused muscle tissue. Then you go longer with out food and get hungrier. Then lunch comes around, you eat your fill, still fill hungry, and eat more than you actually need. You will feel hungry until your blood sugar rises enough to tell your brain that food is no longer needed. Now you have too much food in your system so it stores it as fat. You didn't burn fat, lost muscle tissue, ate too much, and now have more fat than you did before. That's why you don't skip breakfast.

Well, I Don't Feel Hungry In The Morning
Eat breakfast anyway.

What Should I Eat?
Oatmeal with fruit, cream of wheat, yogurt, cold cereal, eggs (they are not as bad for you as we were made out to think when we were younger), protein shakes, toast with peanut butter (yes peanut butter is actually good for you), fruits, low fat meats like ham or roast beef on an English muffin. the list can go on an on. Avoid food and drinks with sugar, really avoid foods and drinks with High Fructose Corn Syrup like the plague, and avoid high fatty foods such as bacon and sausage.

Eat Breakfast and you feel better and it will be easier to loose weight.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Nintendo Wii Fit Work Out

How Did I Find Out About The Wii Fit?
My sister-in-law had a friend that got a wii fit. My sister-in-law played the wii fit at this friends house and loved it. Hmmm... now I am interested. After all my sister-in-law is a marathon runner and a triathlete, and she asked for one for Christmas. Couldn't find one though.

A friend of mine and my wife's, got one. She brought it over and played on it with my wife. My wife loved it. I played on it a bit and was intrigued. Well, the friend was going to be busy for the weekend and let us borrow it. Wow! I loved it!

The wii fit games put play into working out. I say play, but you are actually working out. There is yoga, strength exercises, aerobic exercises, and balance exercises. There are balance games like down hill skiing, ski jumping, soccer ball heading, and others. There are ab exercises like hula hoop, aerobic exercises like running. Very amazing and fun.

How Does It Work?
The Wii Fit comes with what is called a board. It looks more like a wide bathroom scale with two spots for your feet and no read out. you place the board and a flat, even floor (because of our carpet, we had to put a piece of plywood down) and stand on it. You put information in like your age, sex, and height, it takes you weight and gives you your body mass index. It even allows you to set weight goals. Based on you age and a balance test, it calculates your fitness age. Balance is key indicator to fitness age. Others including reaction time, cholesterol levels, body fat percentage are also important, but the wii fit bases it estimate on balance. As you go through the different exercises, you get points. You want 30 points each day. As you earn points, you unlock more exercises.

How Did The Family And I Like It?
We loved it! We all have profiles (and when I say all, I even mean my 3 year old.) this is truely fun for the whole family! We all did different work outs, and some games became competitions to see who could score the highest. Too bad we had to return the wii to our friend. So now we are looking and as soon as we find one, we are getting it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Question and Answer: Shin Splints

Q: Dear Fat Butt:

I have a question or two about walking. First, you say a brisk walk. I walk a 20-minutes mile. I just can't seem to do brisk for any length of time. When I do, my legs in the front hurt, the little muscles just on the outside of the shinbone. Stretching doesn't seem to help. When I stick with my 20-minute pace all is well, but I don't feel like I'm making the most out of my time and very little, if any, weight reduction is forthcoming with this sedate pace. Running doesn't seem to hurt but since I am not in good shape, running for any longer than 1 minute isn't very feasible. I haven't seen a doctor about my legs. I was just starting to see a doctor regularly, and I only went once, then we moved and I haven't found a personal doctor for me yet. Suggestions? Also, it is snowy here now and I don't go outside so I am starting (again) my Walk Away the Pounds videos. So any suggestions I will gladly try...when the snow melts and I won't freeze when I step outside.


Snowed-In in Iowa

A: Dear Snowed-In

As I always do, first talk to your doctor. When you find a new Doctor where you live, talk to him or her about shin splints. The doctor may refer you to a Physical Therapist or medication might be appropriate.

Walking Mileage
Your mile walking time, is not bad. If a 20 minute mile is the pain threshold, then do go any faster. The last thing you want to do is aggravate a problem and turn it into an injury. I am not sure how far your walks are but I will assume they are about 1 mile in distance. Try walking 2 miles 3 times a week instead.

Even though the stretching does not appear to be helping, keep doing it before and after anyway. If the muscle become tight, the pain will only get worse. Stiff muscles can later lead to injury.

Exercise That Muscle
Last there is an exercise you can try that will help strengthen this muscle. As the muscle becomes stronger, you should be able to do longer and faster walks. Basically it is what they call "toe lifts". Stand flat footed and then lift up onto your tip-toes. You want to do a modified toe lift. Instead of standing on lat ground, do it on a stair so that your heel actually becomes lower than the rest of your foot. then lift up on your toes. Only do about 10 of these 3 time. do this exercise on days you are not walking. So walk one day and do toe raises the next.

Walking For Fitness Or Weight Loss
Anytime you take up a walking program, remember to slowly increase your mileage by no more than 10% per week. Walking is most effective when you walk at least every other day, daily if possible. Taking a break is important to allow your body to rest. Weekends are the best time for me to do this. Weight loss through exercise must also come with a proper diet. Cut down on calories, particularly fats. Make sure you eat enough proteins, fruits and vegetables.


Fat Butt

Today's Activity
I walked 2 miles during lunch and I actually feel great! It took 27 minutes, so not to bad. Assuming I can keep up the pace, I could do a 5k in about 40 minutes. I'm going to try and cut that down. So that is 2 miles for the day and week, 5 miles for the month.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Join Our Team

Get Your Rear In Gear
On March 7, 2008, there is going to be a 5k walk/run in Raleigh NC and a Kids Fun Run. My wife and I, plus the kids will be going. The run is sponsored by the Colon Cancer Coalition and proceeds are going to fight cancer.

Our Team
We will be participating on a team and I am asking for people to join us. Our Team Leader can be contacted at and can be of the most assistance. We need at least 10 people in order to have a team.

In Honor Of...
Our team is walking and Running in honor of a very dear friend Georgia Cloutier. We would ask the you join us in her honor and help us support this worthy cause.

More About The Race
To find out more about the race go to Before Registering, please contact the team leader at for instructions on registering with the team.

Email, FaceBook, and MySpace
To spread the word, I would like you to copy and paste the following link. This link will take them directly to this post about the race and the team first regardless of what I post later on. Send this in emails and put it on your FaceBook or MySpace page. we now have a team set up for this race. To register, go to the website

The race, "Get Your Rear in Gear" benefits colon cancer research. I'll probably be walk/running it, not in tip-top shape anymore these days, but I thought of Georgia the minute I saw the race, she gave the go-ahead this past Sunday, so here we go.

Our team name is "JOGGIN FOR GEORGIA"

That is the team you select when registering.

Thanks everybody, this should be a fun run! There is also a kids' fun run, which I am signing my 3 up for.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

For those of you who can't make it, I extend a challenge to everyone to do a personal 5K run/walk, for personal fitness and in honor of Georgia Cloutier. Please email me at and let me know when you did it, how far you went and how long you took. Every mile counts!


Fat Butt

Friday, January 9, 2009

Question and Answer: Starting An Exercise Program

Q: Dear Fat Butt,

What advice do you have for an overweight 30-something who wants to begin an exercise program who has lead a largely sedentary lifestyle for the past few years?



A: Dear RunningMooses,

As I tell everyone, please see a medical professional before starting any kind of exercise Program.

Why A Walking Fitness Program
Walking is one of my favorite starting off exercises. People were meant and design to be walkers. When walking we are able to burn fat more efficiently than any other exercise, next to running. Walking can be done with out taxing our body like other sports and generally speaking people walk at about the same pace. That mean we can walk with friends. even at a brisk walking pace you can still have a nice conversation.

How to Get Started With a Walking Fitness Program
I am going to assume you have not been doing any exercise such as walking and I don't know if you have any time constraints. So, to start out with I would suggested walking 2 miles every other day, at a brisk pace. This should take about a half an hour. Try this out and see how you feel at the end of the week.

How Should You Feel At The End Of The Week?
If you just were not able to do it because it was so tiresome, then start again with 1 mile every other day. If you did the 2 miles every other day and feel really tired at the end of the week, or even after the day off you feel tiered, do it again for another week but with only a mile and a half. This should take about 20 minutes. If it took you longer than 30 minutes and you just don't have time, walk briskly for 30 minutes. If it was too easy and you don't feel like you did anything, try 2 and a half miles a week the next week. You should feel like you did some exercise at the end of each walk. Starting out you may feel some muscle soreness, but it should not be painful. Every other day you have a day off. You should feel rested after that break.

Eating Habits
Not only should you exercise, but you need to make sure you are eat properly. You need to be getting enough protein and eat carb as you exercise. With walking, drink a fruit juice before you start and a half of a peanut butter sandwich after. This will help stop the feeling of starvation many people feel after they exercise, and keep you body properly fueled for the walking. Drink water as you feel thirsty. Drinking too little will cause dehydration and too much will make you uncomfortable.

Stretching Is Important
Before and after walking (especially after) there are four stretches I suggest. First stretch you calve muscles. Stand in front of a wall, then with your left foot step back. Keeping your left foot strait and your heel on the ground, lean forward against the wall. Use your arms to brace yourself up and keep your feet strait, pointing at the wall. Don't let your hips turn. you can keep them strait by moving your left hip forward. You should feel a stretching sensation that is not painful. If it hurts the lean less against the wall. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then repeat with the right leg.

Next stretch the front of your leg. Stand about 1 front in front of the wall. Move your left leg forward then squat down on your left leg. your weight should be right over your left knee. you should feel a stretching sensation in the front of your leg and your ankle (at least with my bad ankles I do.) If you feel any pain, let up on your squat. Keep your legs and hip strait. hold for 30 seconds, then repeat with the right leg.

Next sit on the floor with your legs strait in front of you. Keep you feet together and bend forward and try and touch your toes. Many people do this standing up, bending at the waist and touching their toes. Lean as forward as you can. You should feel a stretch down the back of your leg. If it is painful, lean back a little. Hold for 30 seconds.

Last, roll over on you stomach. Lift your left leg and grab it with your left hand. Pull your leg toward your butt. You should feel a stretch in you left thigh. Keeps your hips on the floor and stay flat, don't turn or twist your body. This should not be pain full. If you feel any pain, simply hold your leg in place or pull less.

Debate about Stretches
There is some debate about doing the last two stretches. Most people do both standing up. Some experts argue that when standing, it is too difficult to keep your body in the correct position to stretch properly and there may be additional force against your knees that could cause future problems. These experts suggest doing them on the floor as I described above. I have no real opinion and the debate still goes back and forth. I personally prefer to do them on the floor and find I stretch better when on the floor.

What Next
Increase your daily mileage by a quarter of a mile the each week and keep walking every other day for a total of 4 weeks. After that, email me back at and let me know how it is going. We can change your walking form there or we can add in a little jogging. Lets see how you do. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Last, My Daily Activity
I walked another mile to the barbershop and back. Later on I walked another half mile. So for the day I had 1.5 miles, for the week, month and year, I have 3.5 miles total. Yeah!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trying Out The Weight Loss Tools

If I Preach It I better Practice It
So I went to the two tools that I mentioned put in my stats. The first said I needed 2650 calories to loose weight for my activity. The second said I needed 2400. So I chaged my activity level and it said I need to eat 2600. Close enough. so I decided to actually stick by both to show everyone that it could be done.

The Hard Part Is Tracking, Not Doing
Okay first hirtle was breakfast. I decided to eat some oat meal and drink a glass of milk. The problem was that the oat meal nutritional facts are listed in grams. The diet plan is listed in oz. Problem number two. the nutritional information tells you the nutritional grams of the food and not their net weight, which I could not find. the second hirtle was lunch. I had a turkey sub sandwhich, backed low fat chips, and a diet soda. I have no idea how much the vegitables weighed nor do I no the same for the meat (I had double Turkey!). I can go online and look at the nurtitional information but so many grams of protien does not match so many oz. of meat. 90% of the weight of turkey meat is actually water. I could however trakc all the calories without too much trouble, and I ate 2710 calories. Good enough to loose weight if I keep it up.

Problems With Dieting
As you eat to loose weight, you need to eat the right proportion of food or not only will you loose fat weight, but you will loose muscle mass too, even if you exercise. Two I went through waves of feelling like I was starving to feeling okay. You can't eat just 3 meals evenly divided and be okay. You need to adjust your meals to 5 evenly divided meals. that also mean adjusting your eating habits and some times your schedule.

Don't Be Afraid To Snack
snacking in cinjunction with what I said above is just fine as long as it is stuff you like and is healthy. Peanutbutter on whole wheat is a great between meal snack. Fruits, carrot sticks, raisens, other dired fruit, and low fat jerkey are all good. I will list more snacks later.

Don't Go Too Long Without Eating
I at Lunch at arround 12:pm. I didn't Eat dinner until 6:00 pm and I felt like I was starving! The problem with this is I ate dinner, my stomach felt fool, but I was still hungery. The reason why is you brain determine hunger based on the sugar levels in your blood. So my food was in my stomach but had not found its way to my blood stream. That is one reason people over eat.

One Reason I Like the Weight Watchers System
With all the problems I had with just one day I can see why people don't calorie count. Weight watchers came up with a way of assigneing points to food based on fat, fiber, and calories. It is simple to use and easy to track. I do not work for Weight Watchers and they are not paying me to say that. My wife was on Weight Watchers about 3 years ago. I did it with her for support and we both lost weight. Between my running and watching what I ate, I lost 30 lbs.

Two Reasons I don't Like the Weight Watchers System
The reason for the Food Pyrmid is becasue you need certain amounts of certain foods. Weight watchers kind of does that with a fiber calculation (ie whole grains and fruit have a lot of fiber and protein does not) but people eat too mcuh sugar and starches and not enough protien. When you exercise carb and protien needs go up. NO FAT, NO FIBER. The weight Watchers System mad no disctinction between men and women, and belive me there is a difference.

A New Program
I would appriciate any input into a new program that is simple AND meats the pyrmid needs. Please email me at

Daily Activity
Do to Rain, time constraints, and other things going on, I mamaged to wlak just over 1 mile at a semi brisk pace. I actually felt tired at the end of the day. so totla for the week, month and year, are 2 miles.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Calories and Our Body's Fuel

Today's Activities
While waiting for my computer to install some software at my office, I decided to take a walk. The installation was going to take a while. So I just walked around the block and a bit more. I ended up doing it twice. The total time was about 12 minutes and the distance was just a little over a quarter of a mile. Not bad. But I still felt a little sore from yesterday. This evening I got on my stationary bike planning to do 15 minutes of moderate effort. As soon as I got on I found the batteries to the control unit were dead. So that meant I would only have easy effort. Instead of 15 minutes I did 30. Of course I did my stretches after. Yes I should have done them before, but I only did them after. I felt pretty good.

The Fuel For Our Body
Basically we have three types of fuel in order for our body to function correctly. These fuels need to be taken in a proper balance. If we get to many we can get fat and cause damage to our bodies. If we get to few, our bodies won't function properly and again we can damage our bodies.

This is the first fuel our body needs. It is the easiest for our body to digest and process directly into energy in the form of a sugar called glycogen. Our brains function on this sugar and it is essential to proper fueling of your body when doing any activity. If we get to much our body stores this fuel as fat and does so very efficiently. Most Americans get too much of this fuel in the form of sugar. Too much can also lead to being over weight, diabetes, migraines, stress, and insomnia, to mention a few. We also experience waves of energy and feelings of being tired. If we get to little we risk all sorts of problems too. Sports scientists have found that athletes that do not consume enough carbohydrates risk muscle damage that can lead to injury. It appears that as soon as our body runs out of carbs it then turns to its own muscle tissue for fuel when exercising. We also can become disoriented, hallucinate, and can pass out. If you are a diabetic, to little sugar can send you into shock and can lead to death. The amount of carbs you need is directly proportional to your activity level.

Protein is the building block of our bodies. Everything from your skin, muscles, internal organs, immune system, and even our blood is made up of protein. Americans in general get too little protein. Not enough protein can lead to muscle loss. Most people who diet actually loose more muscles mass than they had before dieting, because they don't eat enough protein. If you get to much protein your body can't store it as well as is does sugar, but it will turn it to fat. The by products of digesting too much protein can cause all kinds of long term health problems. You can get diaria to get rid of certain types of excess protein. Long term excessive eating of meat can lead to gout. Of course eat too much and you will become over weight.

Believe it or not fat is actually essential to proper body fiction. It keeps us warm and help regulate our temperature. Our nerves are covered with a type of fat. Our skin is water proof because of fat. Certain fats actually clean our arteries of cholesterol. Fat can keep you from starving to death. But as Americans we get WAY TOO MUCH Fat. These leads to being over weight, heart disease and ultimately our own untimely death.

Fiber is more of a regulator. When you eat the proper amount of fiber, it slows the digestion of sugar and evens out how it enters the body. Think of our stomach as a source of immediate fuel like a stack of cut wood. Do we want to through all the wood on the fire or let the fire keep a certain size and add wood as we need it? Our bodies are similar. Our body wants to dump it fuel all at once, but fiber keeps the fire burning regularly and feeds in the fuel slowly. Fiber keeps us regular. Most Americans do not get enough fiber.

Bad Carbs
Of all the carbs we have to eat High Fructose Corn Syrup was invented by the devil him self. When I was growing up I drank a lot of Kool-Aide. 2 quarts had about 1 cup of sugar. That comes down to about 2 tablespoons of sugar per cup. That is actually a lot of sugar. Now just about every kind of drink there is, especially fruit juice is loaded with High Fructose Corn syrup. A glass of juice or soda can have as much as twice the sugar of Kool-Aide. That mean a 1/4 cup of sugar per cup of juice or soda. Avoid anything that says high fructose corn syrup on the ingredients.

What Are The Right Amount Of Calories
Your calorie need depend on your age, height, sex, and activity level. The best weigh to find out how many calories you need to to go to the Mayo Clinic web site on calories. It will ask you a few questions and give you the answer. Check it out here. Calories counting is important but can be very time consuming. Though I suggest you keep track of your calories, you may just want to go to the next step.

What Is The Proper Balance Of Fuel
Now you need to know, how much protein, carbs, fat and fiber you need. To find out go to the My Food Pyramid web site. It is run by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and gives you the answers in easy to understand measurements rather than a calorie number. Check it our here.

Good Luck and Get Healthy!
The key is going to sound like a broken record, but proper diet and excersise are vital!

The Beginning Of A New Year


Lets Start Out With Todays Activities

To day I did a 1 mile run walk and it took me 15 minutes. I actually felt good and am running much better. While stretching, I found I have a significant increase in mobility in my right ankle! Yeah! So for 2008 I have 1 mile accumulated.

Starting Out a New Year Everyone should set goals. These goals need to be quantifiable, definable, realistic, and must have a done by date attached. So here are a few of my personal goals:

  1. I want to weigh 165 by December 31, 2009 with a 15% body fat percentage.
  2. I want to run a 22 minute 5k by September 31, 2009.
  3. I want to run the Marine Corp Marathon in 2010 and finish in under 4 hours.

Here are examples of goals that aren't so good:

  1. I want to get in shape this year.
  2. I want to loose weight this year.
  3. I want to run a marathon.
  4. I want to qualify for Boston this year.

As far as #1 goes, it is not definable or should be defined. What does get in shape mean? It depends on who you are talking to and why they are getting into shape. This goal is too vague.

#2 is more specific and kind of has a date, but how much weight? If I start at January 1, 2009 and loose 1/2 a pound by December 31, 2009, I made the goal. But is that what was really wanted?

#3 has no specific date. There are lots of things I want to do, but because I have never put a date to them and made a plan to do them, I still haven't done them. If your talking about visiting the moon someday, yes that may happen and I can see why you didn't put a date. But if you want to walk or run a marathon, you need to have a plan and a realistic date. Then hold yourself accountable.

#4 is not realistic for the average person. I know of good runners who have been working for years at achieving that. As for me, I am not even worried about running in Boston. Let me actually run a marathon first. See Goal # 3 form the first set.

Here are some helpful hints. Don't get hung up on weight (yes, I know I have a weight goal.) You don't have to have a weight goal. I do for very specific reasons that don't apply to 90% of everyone else. If you set realistic goals, weight will come off.

Don't expect to look like a super model or an athlete. Even really good looking women I know and really athletic men I know would never make the cover of a magazine. Most people you know don't even care that you not on the magazine cover. Those who care most care more about your health than you looks and your health is more important.

Running or Walking 5k Races Is a Fun Way To Get Started. With a 5k goal you can measure improved fitness. By doing a walking or running program you will find you loose weight, build confidence, and you will have more energy. If you do have a 5k or "all the way up to" a marathon goal, don't get caught up with time goals until you understand what is realistic or possible. I had to run three 5k's before I could start setting realistic time goals. Let your first race be just that, your first race where you just want to finish.

Yes, Marathons Are Possible and Realistic. When I turned 36 I went to the Marine Corps Marathon. You look at the people who are running or walking them and you think "WOW! If they can do that so can I!" and you can. Just don't expect to do it tomorrow and don't expect to do it under 3 hours either. Oh! You don't have to run one either. You can walk it. unless you are what they call an elite runner, the people that walk the Marathon get the same prize as those who run it. Time is not that important.

Most importantly, Always see a doctor before you start any exercise or fitness program. Don't set you expectations so high you can't achieve them, but if you fall just a little short of a goal, you should feel happy about the improvements you made.

So How Much do I Weigh? Email your answer to and I will announce the winner after January 15th 2009. Good luck!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Baby Girls

An Addition to the Family
We are please to introduce to you a new addition to the family! Her name is Lillian Joy. She was born on December 31st, 2008 at 3:55 pm. She weighed 9 lbs and 6 oz. She was 20.5 inches long. We are all excited and love are new baby.
.....and yes, that makes 5 girls.
The picture of the contest will be posted Saturday. Check back often because I will be posting daily as of January 4, 2009!
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