Monday, November 24, 2008

Back To The Pool!

Physical Therapy in the Pool
Well, I am back in the pool, and it was pretty good. Since I got in first thing this morning, the pool was really warm and so was the pool room. As cold and nasty as it has been, it felt great. Started out with stretches and then did some running on the wonderful underwater treadmill. It is pretty cool since there is a camera and a TV to allow you to see what your feet are doing. My running was at about 3.2 mph. Even for a pool that was not very fast. I am really having trouble getting a good plant with my right foot. At that speed, my heal should hit first and I just roll over my foot then push off with my toes. Because my leg is still stiff, I am landing flat footed on my right side. Not good.

The Surprise
Well, just about 15 minutes before the end of my session, my Pool PT was informed his next person canceled. So he asked if I need to be or go anywhere and I didn't. That gave me another 30 minutes of work out. So we did jumping, lunges, squats and more. PT these last few times have stopped being PT and have turned into 45 minute (or in this case) to an hour and 15 minute work out! It feels great, but I have some major things to work on while I get my fat butt in shape. But what am I to do with this ankle?

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