Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Physical Therapy

My Evaluation I went to my first appointment today. The scheduled me for 45 minutes and wished they had scheduled me for an hour. The measured both ankles and my wrist to see there size. My right ankle is so huge! I can barely get my show on. then the used a tool to see how far I can move my joints. they are better than my last doctors appointment, but I am in bad shape. they also measured my grip strength. 40lbs on the left and 40 lbs on the right. I also stood on one foot to test my balance. Balance in my left foot is okay, but I could barley do it on my right. I also did toe lifts. That is I went from being flat footed to standing on my tip toe. I was able to do 20 reps on each foot, but my right ankle swelled up like a balloon. It required ice after we were done. My Assignment I have seven stretches and exercises I need to do and I need to do them twice a day. Stretch Gastroc uni standing (Runner stretch) Stretch Soleus stand (Soleus stretch) AROM ankle alphabet (Ankle alphabet) AROM finger lumbricals flx/ext (Finger bye bye) AROM finger PIP flx/ext intrinsics (Dragon head) AROM hand/finger tendon glide (Hand tendon glides) Stretch wrist flexors bil (prayer) (Prayer stretch) Well that is it. I will keep walking and doing my exercises and stretches and we will see how it goes. I will also go to PT twice a week for awhile too.

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All About Teri B. Clark said...

First PT appts are always fun....NOT. However, once you start making good progress it will be great to see where you were compared to where you are. Keep at it!