Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Message From A Friend

From A Recent Email 200 lbs? That's nothin, man! I got ya beat by 46 lbs - and that's down from the beginning of the year (I think I started at 264, and I seem to have gained a couple back over the last week while on vacation). Although, in my defense, I seem to have very heavy bones which makes 210 about my ideal healthy weight. So, according to the gym scale this morning, I've got another 36 lbs to go. Q: How much are you trying to lose? A: My ideal weight would be 160 lbs. I got close when I was doing Triathlons at 169 lbs. Q: And how do you go about it with the heart problem? After a half hour on the eliptical I'm drenched in sweat and my heart rate is up around 150-160, so I can't imagine what kind of exercise would be okay for you. A: Exercise is not the issue really is is my blood preasure. I need my blood preasure to stay bellow 130/40. When I raced my heart rate would get to about 140 bpm. When I worked out, my heart rate would get to 170 bpm. Because of your age (41 years), it sound like you are working in the high aerobic range. Great for health but actually lowsy for loosing weight. Keep your heart rate at about 90-100 (65% of Max) for twice as long and you will burn fat like crazy! When you get your heart rate high, your body can't burn fat fast enough to keep it fuled so it uses your sugar store and oxygen. another problem with that is you feel hungery after you work out and so you eat. You need to replace your sugar store, but you end up increasing your fat too. Mostly because we tend to eat too much after. So slow and long will help you burn more fat. Target Heart Rate I used the Method to determine your Target Heart Rate by the American Heart Association.

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Mellissa Ochsenhirt said...

Wow I didn't know that! Thanks for the info. Good luck!